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What is our mission?

Our mission is the creation and dissemination of knowledge on contemporary business, management, strategy and information technology issues to facilitate organizational, societal and individual performance, success and fulfillment. Our thought leadership, advising, facilitating, and knowledge management activities aim to develop the future vision of organizations, enterprises and knowledge work based on the synergy of creativity & innovation of humans, and capabilities of new information technologies. We serve the intellectual needs of senior corporate executives, management consultants, business and technology professionals, top government officials, editors and journalists, and business and technology academia around the world. Our award-winning work on the development of management strategy and technology knowledge has been often cited as a benchmark for contemporary business thinking and knowledge management in the worldwide media.

What is our design philosophy?

The Design Philosophy of this site is to facilitate a Global Knowledge Community of global BizTech professionals interacting amongst themselves and an evolving Knowledge Map. The focus is less on ‘cut-and-dried’ issues covered in most academic disciplines and more on developing post-modernistic thinking of contemporary business, management and technology issues. It is anticipated that the interdisciplinary focus on ‘real world’ issues may facilitate sense-making of some of the most critical issues being faced by today’s organizations and their managers. Each of these issues has its own share of complexity, and the same holds for the overlaps and the relationships between them. The evolving understanding of these issues, as reified within the medium of these web pages, is expected to provide some focus and structure to such convoluted concepts, while avoiding oversimplification or one specific interpretation. Much of the practitioner focus as well as the focus of business schools on ‘Business Technology Management’ evident today follows the cross-disciplinary issues we defined and discussed in the last decade. We anticipate continuing this tradition of discovering latest areas of high-value added knowledge and practice and contribute to the evolution of management practices and business disciplines.

Where do we stand in terms of balancing theory and practice?

The focal theme of the Network is to develop an understanding of contemporary business, management and information technology issues by bridging the gap between theory and practice. We are willing to reflect upon the cutting-edge thinking from both academia and practice, however the issues need to be of contemporary interest and relevance to business managers, professionals, and executives.

What does the Encyclopedia of Law stand for?

It signifies our long-term and sustained focus on advancing the Knowledge that are relevant to performance, success and fulfillment of individuals, organizations and nations. This portal and its online network have been instrumental in defining the worldwide vision and business technology practices related to the Knowledge Economy since early 1994. Some perspective of the reach and range of our worldwide contributions is available from the information and links provided on the web page About the legal Encyclopedia.


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